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We have over 10 years of experience in the wheel and tire industry. We know what it takes to be successful. U.S. Based Company and U.S. Based Developers.

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My Auto System Vision
Our Vision

Connect Consumers, Retailers, Wholesalers, and Vendors

Everything starts with the customer purchasing a product online. It’s almost impossible to stock everything, but having access to inventory from all three areas certainly helps.

My Auto System Mission
Our Mission

Easy and Reliable Automotive Parts Applications

Simplicity is key. Everything from client facing applications to administrative portals and analytics, data needs to be presented clearly to the user.

People First

Our applications are designed for individuals to use, not for algorithms to consume.

Nov 2009

We started in B2B Wheel & Tire Wholesale

Facing the same issues most wheel and tire wholesalers do, we sought after the perfect software, and surprisingly, we couldn’t find one that fit our business model. Most of the software that was wholesale specific focused on the tire business; wheels were an afterthought. They were treated as just another product without much thought for the searchability of it. Each time we spoke to any company, we received the same answer, “we have a trick that we use, but this software is not really meant for the wheel industry.” Other industries where even less represented, such as suspension and lighting.

February 2012

B2C E-Commerce

The B2C Wheel & Tire Market was just as bad

Struggling to find a software company that specialized in the B2C wheel and tire market was nonexistent at the time. Even the companies that specialized in tire e-commerce sites were dated. So, we set out to create our own. We meticulously analyzed visitor engagement levels and stuck to strategies that worked, removing the bloat in order to drive sales. Considering that we had our own B2C wheel and tire business, crafting and perfecting an e-commerce site was something that proved to be extremely beneficial to us.

September 2012

Car Wheels

Wheel Vendors had no support

Most wheel vendors were using WordPress websites with basic themes applied to them. There was no easy way to upload their inventory and restrict the inventory/pricing visibility to the wholesale buyer. Most chose not to display their stock. For those that did, the update process was manual. B2B E-Commerce sales were not occurring. Working with numerous wheel vendors, we created a web-application that was designed for the wheel industry.

January 2013

Tire Vendors

Tire Vendors had minimal support

Surprisingly, tire vendors had only a couple of options to turn to for software that was geared towards their specific use-case. Most tire e-commerce applications followed a similar approach to wheel vendors: WordPress WooCommerce E-Commerce Platform that was designed to be used in any industry. The problem with that is when you need the specifics, it was difficult and costly to implement. We worked with tire vendors to craft an online solution that fit their business model.

May 2015


Bridging the inventory between vendors and wholesale distributors

Having control over wheel and tire distributors and their vendors meant that we could start bridging the inventory and pricing gap. Vendors could finally offer personalized inventory and pricing for their distributors. API’s could communicate to show vendor stock on distributors’ websites.

February 2017

B2C and B2B

Connecting B2C with B2B

Considering that the B2B API framework existed at this point, connecting the retailers to wholesalers was the next logical approach. Retailers could now see inventory and their personalized pricing directly on their websites. Drop-shipments could be placed and the entire sales lifecycle observed from the web-app.

June 2018


Simplifying Analytics

Over and under-developed, but not quite right. We tend to find that most companies overdevelop unnecessary reporting but come short on some of the most crucial reports, such as the daily sales report and the turnover analysis report. Other more robust analytics driven software alternatives require someone extremely knowledgeable to setup the reports initially and are costly at the same time. If you look at the reports that you’re using, you’ll quickly realize that you’re utilizing 5-10% of the reports that are available. This is our target area. We eliminated all of the reports we never used and focused heavily on the few that we did. We do offer custom report creation services if necessary.

February 2019

Car Suspension

Suspension Vendors

Due to the complexity and variation within the suspension industry, not many software companies have attempted to tackle this platform. This has unfortunately left the suspension industry far behind when it comes to web-based applications. Most settle for software geared towards the general automotive parts retailers. We’ve tackled this problem and have created a web-application that’s focused on the suspension industry.

September 2019


Lighting Vendors

Headlights and tail-lights are not the only items that are sold. Similar to the suspension industry, car-light vendors’ only option was to use software that was designed for the automotive parts industry. Light-bars, brackets, LED Grills, and so many other components were simply labeled as a product, without any thought as to the searchability of the product. We’ve created a database structure that houses each component, which in turn allows us to create robust searches for the vendors that specialize in vehicle lighting.

March 2020

Lug Nuts

Wheel Accessory Vendors

Have you ever gone through a wheel accessory catalog? We know that we have. There are thousands of lug-nut options, various sizes, standards, bulge, acorn, open-ended, closed, spline, spiked, you name it. Finding a specific lug-nut inside of a 100+ page catalog is challenging. Information like this needs to live in a web-application that can guide the consumer to the appropriate choice. Just like our other applications, we focused heavily on simplifying the search within this web-app.

February 2021


TPMS Vendors

To complete the lineup, we added the TPMS vendor web-application. You would think that TPMS are straight-forward, but TPMS manufacturers provide single and dual frequency sensors, as well as tools that work with their sensors.

November 2021

Wheel and Tire Software

Ready to start releasing these products to the industry

After more than a decade of working on these products, we are ready to release them to the various industries. Alpha was designated for the B2C wheel and tire market; suspension and lighting are being integrated. Titan and Pulsar target the tire and wheel vendors respectively. They allow for retailers and wholesalers to tie into their inventory and pricing structure. Omega was crafted for the suspension industry, Apollo for the Vehicle Lighting industry, and Orion for the Wheel Lug-nut market. Finally, Phoenix is designed for the wholesale wheel and tire market. We’re excited to show you our lineup.